Pakistan kills five missing persons in Mastung: BNM Central Spokesperson

The central spokesman for the Baloch National Movement (BNM) said that Pakistani forces had killed five people in a fake encounter. All of them had been forcibly disappeared and imprisoned in state detention centres for months. They were taken out of the torture cells; later on, martyred. These include Samiullah Pirkani, Jamil Pirkani, Arif Marri, Yousuf Marri and Shah Nazar. “The genocide of the Baloch nation by Pakistan has reached its peak.” said he.

He stated that Samiullah Pirkani and Jameel Pirkani were arrested by the state force “Eagle Squad” on January 18 from the Eastern Bypass area of ​​Quetta on the charge of recovering a bomb. Both were whisked away and had gone missing since then.

Among the other victims were Arif Marri son of Seyedan Marri and his cousin Yousuf Marri son of Bangul Khan Marri , originally from Sibi Jhalari, but had migrated to Quetta Marriabad due to military brutality. Yousuf Marri was arrested by the army on November 27, 2020 while working in a cotton field in Sibi and went missing. Arif Marri was once picked up by the Pakistani army earlier from Hazarganji in Quetta and released after being tortured for several months. He was taken into custody for the second time on February 28, 2021 from the same shop and transferred to an unknown location. Similarly, Shah Nazar was forcibly disappeared by the Pakistan Army during a military operation.

The spokesman said that this act exposes the ugly face of Pakistani barbarism to the world. So far, Pakistan has killed thousands of Baloch youth in detention and dumped their bodies.

He said that on the one hand, the occupying state of Pakistan was assuring the release of the missing persons and on the other hand, it is killing the missing persons in fake encounters. It will be a painful situation for all the families who have been struggling and protesting for years for the safe release of their loved ones.

He reiterated, “This is not the first case of fake encounter; many Baloch have been martyred in this manner.”

The central spokespersons of Baloch National Movement concluded, “Today’s incident is a continuation of that barbarism. Any, further silence by the international community on this will be enough to make them an accomplice of Pakistan in history.”

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