Pakistan targets civilians in Dera Bugti in missile test. BNM

The spokesperson for the Baloch National Movement said in a statement that Pakistan had targeted the civilian population in the Mitt area of ​​Dera Bugti in a recent missile attack. Pakistan has turned Balochistan into a laboratory for continuous military operations, nuclear materials and missiles. This is a deliberate act because the residents of the area have witnessed that Pakistan had temporarily evacuated its military posts from there the day before. The next day, the same soldiers came again and took over the posts. On the same day, military special vehicles and helicopters arrived to pick up the remains of the missiles.

He said that the silence of the world on our constant cries on nuclear blasts, Baloch genocide, mass graves, ban on reading and writing Balochi has made things easier for Pakistan. Taking advantage of this, Pakistan targeted the civil population in Dera Bugti. The purpose of these atrocities is to intimidate the Baloch nation and make them give up the Baloch national struggle for independence. Of course, like all previous attempts and atrocities, this tactic will fail. The Baloch nation is engaged in a conscious struggle against Pakistani atrocities and occupation. We are living in a colony and a life of slavery. That was enough to make us realize, but military operations, nuclear explosions and missile tests have further strengthened the Baloch nation’s commitment to independence.

The spokesman said that in this regard, the world powers and the United Nations should take action against Pakistan’s state terrorism and rogue policies and play a role in bringing justice to the Baloch and other oppressed nations.

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