Pakistani army killed five unarmed people and forcibly disappeared fourteen others. BNM

Spokesman of Baloch National Movement said that the Pakistani army has killed five unarmed people and forcibly disappeared fourteen others. The Pakistani army detained Iltaf son of Mullah Jada, a resident of Loop Balgatar, from Tijabaan to an unknown location and killed him a day later.

In Panjgur, the Pakistani army killed three people, including Nadeem Abdaal, a mentally-ill man, and Ehtesham son of Ghulam Sarwar, a resident of Tasp. Ehtesham was on his way to the bus terminal when the army opened fire on him.

After detaining Hayat son of Zangi, Atwar Gorgej and Hashim Domki from Sibi, Pakistani army transferred them to an unknown location. Later, Hashim Domki was killed and his body was dumped in Machh.

In addition, several people from different areas have been detained by the Pakistani army and forcibly disappeared. Two brothers Nadeem and Shamim son of Maqbool from Nigwar Hochat area of ​​Kech, three persons from Gayab Mand, namely Ismail son of Iqbal, Wasim son of Gul Muhammad, Saeedullah son of Faqir, two from Noshki Asim and Waheed, a resident of Panjgur Meraj son of Asa from Raees Goth area of ​​Karachi, Muhammad Khan son of Nabi Bakhsh Bugti from Dera Murad Jamali, social worker Nadeem Hasrat and three others from Turbat, the main town of Kech were detained and forcibly disappeared.

The spokesman said that the hope from the Pakistani army to uphold human values ​​and internationally agreed human rights is futile but it will be written in history that on the one hand Baloch were fighting for independence according to international laws and on the other hand a regular army of a state was violating human rights.

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