Introductory session of the Baloch National Movement Central Committee holds on Saturday, important

Shaal: The first and introductory session of the Central Committee of Baloch National Movement was held under the presidency of newly elected Chairman of BNM, Dr. Naseem Baloch. Khalil Baloch, Ex-chairman of Baloch National Movement, also participated in the event as an observer. He, in the session, put forward his suggestions to Central Committee and also shared his experiences and progress.

On this occasion, Chairman of Baloch National Movement, Dr. Naseem Baloch said that in the light of the decisions of the session, we have to start working on an institutional basis in the party and focus on building strong institutions.

He said that individually we cannot fulfil our responsibilities, we need to focus on teamwork.

“Under the same guiding principal Work has already set in motion in different sections of the party and we are witnessing better results and productivity of this system. We have to maintain and continue the momentum.” Exerted he.

After a detailed discussion, the CC members were asked to pay more attention to the Human Rights Department in relation with the current situation of Balochistan.

Heads of HR Department, Information Department, Foreign Affairs and Welfare Department were directed to form their teams in consultation with the Chairman and Secretary General of the party.

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