Pakistani forces are taking Baloch women into custody without any charges-BNM SK Protest

BNM South Korea Chapter held a protest demonstration against the abduction of Baloch women and students by the Pakistani Army. Protesters were holding placards about the ongoing Pakistani barbarism and human rights violations in Balochistan.During Protest pamphlets have been distributed to the public and slogans were also chanted against the Pakistani atrocities and urged the UN to take action against the Baloch Genocide and ask Pakistan to its crimes against humanity in Balochistan.

During protest the protesters were addressed by Bakhtawar Baloch. While addressing she said that, Pakistani security forces are taking Baloch women into custody without any charges.

Pakistan Intelligence agencies, Frontier Corps (FC) and Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) personnel are using State power on women and children to counter the freedom movement in Balochistan.

On 16 of May, at midnight A Baloch woman named Noorjan d/o Wahid Bakhsh w/o Fazal from Hoshaap town of Keech district Balochistan was forcibly disappeared by CTD personnel. On 19 of May, at morning Pakistani forces raided a house and forcibly abducted another Baloch woman named as Habiba Peerjan who is a Balochi language Poetess and artist.

These incidents are the continuation of Baloch Genocide by Pakistan. The attitude of state institutions is inappropriate in Balochistan.Which has always been questioned but instead of changing this pattern, it is creating more and worse conditions.Women, youth, children and elderly, no one is safe from the hands of law enforcement forces in Balochistan.Till now there are more than 50 thousand of Baloch civilians including students, farmers, intellectuals have been abducted and disappeared by Pakistani Forces but now Pakistan army is targeting the Baloch women that is very concerning toward the Baloch nation.

We call international communities to take urgent actions against Pakistani atrocities over Baloch nation. As a human save humanity because we Baloch are also human and we deserve to be treated as other humans.

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