Raids on martyrs' homes, disappearance of Mama Qadeer's nephews is policy of collective punishment:

The central spokesperson of the Baloch National Movement (BNM) strongly condemned the raids, vandalism and sabotage by the Pakistani army on the house of Shaheed Banuk Karima, BNM leader and former chairperson of BSO Azad in Tump. He added that the state of Pakistan is devoid of morality that even the houses, graves and memorials of the martyrs also become the targets of barbaric state.

The spokesman said that the manner in which Banuk Karima was martyred abroad and people were forcibly prevented from offering her funeral prayers by abducting the coffin is part of history. Now by targeting her home, the state has proved that our enemy is immensely afraid of the thoughts and philosophy of our slain leaders.

He said that Pakistan was continuously targeting the Baloch nation. “Barbarism of the state is on the rise with each passing day. Mama Qadeer, prominent human rights activist who have been struggling for the recovery of missing persons for more than a decade, his two nephews and two relatives have been abducted and forcibly disappeared by state forces. Police have also refused to file a preliminary report.”

The spokesman said that the houses of several people including the late poet Ali Jan Qaumi, famous revolutionary singer Minhaj Mukhtar and Shaheed Irfan were attacked and severely damaged in different villages of Tump area of Kech.

He said that, it was expected from an enemy like Pakistan. Those incidents were part of the policy of collective punishment and were constantly being repeated. Even before that, several times the house of Manhaj Mukhtar and tombs of leaders including Shaheed Ghulam Muhammad Baloch had been demolished.

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