Balochs mark ‘Black Day’ on August 14 in South Korea

Busan: Baloch National Movement held a protest to observe Pakistan’s Creation Day as Black day. Protesters demonstrated at the Busan station in South Korea raising their voices against the atrocities of the Pakistani Army in Balochistan.

The protestors shouted anti-Pakistan slogans and demanded the independence of Balochistan.

A pamphlet written in English and Korean language (Hangugeo) was also distributed at the event.

Protesters held banners that said, "Stop Genocide of Baloch Nation", "Pakistan as a Center of Terrorism”, "14th August black day for humanity" and "Stop Pakistan War Crime in Balochistan. "

Speaking to the public gathering, a protestor said: "14 august 1947 is not only a black day for the Baloch nation but this day is also a black day for the whole world because on that day father of terrorism came to in existence. "

"After the partition of India, an unnatural state Pakistan was founded in the region. On March 27, 1948 Pakistan occupied the historical land of Balochistan by force. "

A key speaker mentioned that Balochs have thousands of years old cavillation while the age of Pakistan is only about 75 years. We want to make the world aware that we are Baloch and Balochistan is our country that is forcibly occupied by Pakistan and we are struggling for the restoration of our freedom.

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