The Baloch issue with Pakistan calls for UN mediation, on agenda of independence: Khalil Baloch

Baloch National Movement Chairman Khalil Baloch, while commenting on the desire of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan to talk to the Baloch, said that Pakistan has failed to understand, interpret and acknowledge the reality of the Baloch national movement. That is why every time the so-called new rulers repeat the ridiculous dialogue engagement with the Baloch nation. Pakistan has always tried to mislead public opinion and dispel the perception of the national movement under the guise of acknowledging only one part of the national movement. But the fact has become clear to the world that the Baloch national movement is an indigenous and comprehensive political movement in which various sectors are active and playing a significant role for independence.

Chairman Khalil said that Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Zia-ul-Haq, Pervez Musharraf, Benazir Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif, Asif Zardari and others have made such ridiculous announcements before Imran Khan. The purpose of these statements is only to show that Pakistan also believes in democracy and dialogue. The fact is that Pakistan as a state is not in a position to initiate dialogue with the opposing party unless the other party forces it to do so with its national strength.

He said that Baloch national movement is such a reality that every new Pakistani ruler is intoxicated with power and take the rein , but as soon as he gets out of power, he is confronted with the reality of Baloch national movement. Ultimately, it has to recognize that the Baloch national movement is an indigenous movement. Pakistani rulers keep giving it different names. Sometimes a handful of elements, sometimes three chiefs, sometimes militants or sometimes angry Baloch. In a way, agreeing to talks or repeatedly apologizing is an internal acknowledgment of Pakistan that the Baloch national movement cannot be subdued by terrorism and barbarism.

Chairman Khalil Baloch said that the Baloch National Movement considers such ridiculous statements as an insult to the Baloch nation and the Baloch national movement and at the same time makes it clear that the Baloch national issue now goes far beyond dialogue with Pakistan. It requires intervention and mediation of United Nations.

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