The Baloch will never accept the deal of national resources on Baloch soil. Chairman Khalil Baloch

Baloch National Movement Chairman Khalil Baloch says that the mineral deposits of Reko Dik are Baloch national property. Without the will and consent of the Baloch nation, the deal of any country or company would be illegal and immoral. Canadian company Barrick Gold should reconsider its agreement on Reko Dik through occupying state of Pakistan.

Chairman Khalil Baloch said that we are going through a state of war. Our struggle is for our national independence, national survival, national identity and national resources. Pakistan is an occupying state. It has certainly taken over our land but we as a nation cannot allow an occupying state to sell our resources.

He said that the duration of Baloch national struggle against Pakistani occupation is temporary. Meanwhile, foreign investment is a waste of time and money. After losing battle in the court Balochistan’s resources are once again being sold for pennies to pay the fines to Barrack Gold Company. The Baloch nation has turned against every usurper, occupier and plunderer. Realizing the history and facts, Canada and its Barrick Gold Company should avoid such plans and agreements.

Companies from so-called civilized countries should refrain from investing in an occupied territory. Despite the Baloch national warning, if any company or country enters into an agreement with Pakistan to exploit Baloch resources, the Baloch nation reserves the right to protect its resources.

He said that foreign countries and international companies should know that the Baloch nation has thwarted the 60 billion China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project. In order to make the CPEC project a success, Pakistan, with the military cooperation of China, committed war crimes by intensifying the genocide of the Baloch nation, but still failed to win the hearts of the Baloch people. Failure in Balochistan is Pakistan’s destiny. All its plans have been suspended in the air and any future projects in the land of Balochistan without the consent of the Baloch nation will be doomed to failure.

“We urge the Canadian government to oblige its company to refrain from investing in Occupied Balochistan,” Chairman Khalil Baloch concluded.

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