The BNM Germany protests in solidarity with the families of the missing persons of Balochistan:

The central spokesman of the Baloch National Movement said that a protest was held in Berlin, the capital of Germany, in solidarity with the protesting families of Baloch missing persons who were forcibly disappeared by Pakistan. It was attended by a large number of Baloch community living in Germany. During the protest, pamphlets on missing Baloch were distributed and locals were informed about the worst human rights violation in Balochistan carried out by Pakistani security forces where thousands of Baloch political and social activists have become the victim of enforced disappearances. Protesters chanted slogans and delivered speeches.

Addressing the protesters, Asghar Ali Baloch, General Secretary of Baloch National (BNM) Germany Zone, said that Pakistan has been violating human rights in Balochistan since 1948. One of these crimes is the enforced

disappearance of people. Since the occupation, Pakistan has imprisoned thousands of Baloch in dark torture cells and their whereabouts are unknown.

He added, “ Pakistan is violating its own law as well as international laws, because according to the constitution of Pakistan concerning human rights anyone who is arrested to be produced in court within 24 hours but none of the thousands of missing Baloch has been produced, like Dr. Muhammad Baloch, Ramzan Baloch and thousands of other Baloch.”

Asghar Ali said that we want to send a message to the world that Pakistan is an undemocratic country and an occupier. It has been oppressing us since its occupation but the so-called civilized countries are ignorant about the ground realities of what has been happening in Balochistan. They are involved in economic and military trade with Pakistan. The multimillion arm deal of Germany and other European countries with Pakistan cast doubt in our minds about their so-called self claim as the defender of human rights.

The President of the Baloch National Movement Germany Zone, Hammal Baloch, said that the Baloch nation had always resisted the oppressors by blocking the path of the oppressors, whether they are Nosherwan or Seljuk, but Baloch had not accepted anyone’s supremacy, and bravely had resisted them. Today, the Baloch nation is going through the worst period in its history. Today, Pakistan has enforcedly disappeared thousands of people and dumped the mutilated bodies of thousands more. Today, children do not know where their father is? Mothers don’t know where their children are. Women don’t know if they are widowed or not?

He added, “even so-called feminists are silent. They do not see the Baloch women who have been sitting on the streets for the last eleven or twelve years for the safe recovery of their loved ones. Where are the defenders of human rights and women’s rights? Everyone is silent as if the Baloch are not human beings.”

Addressing the protesters, Shar Hassan Baloch said that the Baloch nation would not give up its struggle against Pakistani terrorism nor would we give up because the world was not helping us and had been engaged in helping Pakistan through providing military and financial support which Pakistan had been using to eliminate Baloch nation.

Fawaz Baloch member of BRP said that Pakistan may commit atrocities, thousands may go missing but we will not give up our struggle.

Abdul Hameed Baloch said that Pakistan is the only country that does not follow its own laws. If Baloch missing persons are involved in any sort of wrongdoing they should be produced before the court of the country.

Addressing the protesters, BNM Germany Zone Vice President Dosten Baloch said that enforced disappearances were not a new phenomenon. Pakistan had been missing Baloch for many years. Asad Mengal and Ahmad Shah Kurd went missing in 1974. Similarly, many Baloch women went missing. Today, thousands of Baloch are missing, Mass graves have been discovered in Balochistan. One hundred and fifty-nine bodies were recovered from Tutak’s mass graves. In Balochistan, not a day goes by without a Baloch being forcibly disappeared. But the responsible institutions and countries of the world have turned a blind eye to this issue. That is why human rights violations are on the rise in Balochistan.

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