The Chagai incident is an attack on Baloch's honour. Dr. Naseem Baloch

Chairman of the Baloch National Movement, Dr Naseem Baloch, in one of his statements, condemned the brutality and sexual harassment of the innocent Baloch by the state-backed groups and said, “The Pakistani army and its backed proxies are attacking the honour and pride of the Baloch people in width and breadth of Balochistan, which is intolerable and an attack on the dignity of the Baloch people.”

He said that they could be assessed from the press conference and the heart-rending story of Ghulam Muhammad, a resident of Chittar area of the Chagai district, that how Pakistani backed death squads were crushing the honour and dignity of Baloch.

He has said that Ghulam Muhammad told tearfully at the Press Club Quetta that the state-backed influential person with his operatives repeatedly barraged his house while drunk and threatened to forcibly marry his seven year-old daughter.

The victim’s family has also identified him as Saqib son of Mir Abdul Khaliq who is the nephew of Haji Noor Muhammad and he is an operative of state backed death squad.

Dr. Naseem Baloch said that the oppressed family had escaped to Quetta in the darkness of night, but being a Baloch, they have no hope of getting justice here. Nevertheless the Baloch nation is with them, because the Baloch have quit tolerating oppression and have decided to stand against it.

BNM Chairman said that the incident that happened with Ghulam Muhammad and his little girl was very painful. “Such criminals will be resisted. The threat of marriage with a minor girl and the attempted forced abduction is intolerable. This is an inhumane practice, could not be found in the late medieval societies.”

He said that the families of the missing persons in Quetta had been protesting for a many years to seek justice in the form of recovery of their loved ones. But when it comes to justice, they were being threatened to end the protest, their camp was being demolished on daily basis. “In such circumstances, the Baloch nation has to stand up with Ghulam Muhammad Baloch to resist oppression.”

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