The killing of members of Hazara community is to distract world’s attention against Pakistan.

Khalil Baloch, chairman of the Baloch National Movement strongly condemned the killing of Hazaras after they were abducted from Machh coal mines. The purpose of this brutal war crime is to divert the world’s attention from the rising voices both inside Balochistan and internationally against the assassination of Karima Baloch.

As, a movement is rising against the killing and martyrdom of Karima Baloch, Pakistan has tried to divert international voices by targeting and killing the Hazara community through another form of terrorism. Such brutality will further embarrass Pakistan but will not be acquitted on any issue.

Chairman Khalil Baloch said that Pakistan has always used terrorism as a form of blackmailing tactic. It has committed yet another act of terrorism and war crime to avoid a charge of terrorism. Today’s killing of the Hazara community members in Machh area is one such attempt to divert attention from Pakistan’s international terrorism act of Karima Baloch’s martyrdom. In this barbarism, the brutality with which eleven innocent miners belonging to the Hazara community were abducted and killed after identification, is an inhuman act. The Baloch National Movement (BNM) strongly condemns this barbarism and shares the grief of the Hazara community in these difficult times.

He said that last year when Pakistan was about to be blacklisted by the FATF, but it managed to escape, when it pretended to have chained some religious extremists. Pakistan is once more pretending to send some of its islamic extremist terrorist assets to jail in the name of lawsuits and litigation by throwing dust in the eyes of the international community to avoid being blacklisted by the FATF and other international laws. On the other hand, it is intensifying the brutality, terrorism and war crimes in Balochistan through its same jihadi assets. Today’s incident in Machh is part of that.

Chairman Khalil Baloch said that the argument that the Pakistani state is promoting terrorism, sponsoring terrorists or using terrorism as a blackmailing weapon is now meaningless. Because terrorism is an integral part of the existence of this state. The international community’s failure to act on Pakistan’s brutality is tantamount to aiding and abetting the killing of innocent and unarmed people. Unless the international community takes direct action against the real source and center of terrorism, the state of Pakistan, this terrorist state will continue to shed human blood in this region, including Balochistan.

Chairman Khalil Baloch said that protection of dignity and life and property of all people living in Balochistan including Hazara is possible only in independent Balochistan. They are being targeted to portray Balochistan’s freedom movement as religious fanaticism and hence blackmailing the world in the name of religious fanaticism. It is time that all inhabitants of the Balochistan become part of the struggle for an independence Balochistan beyond the specific divisive identities such as minority, community, etc. It should not be easy for the state to kill us in the name of religion and sect and specific identity.

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