The raid on the vice chairman’s house is a continuation of collective punishment against the leaders

The Baloch National Movement spokesman condemned the raid on the house of party Vice Chairman Ghulam Nabi Baloch in Gomazai and the violence against his family, saying this incident was part of a series of crackdowns and collective punishments by the Pakistani state against party leaders. But the BNM will not be intimidated by such tactics. Apart from the BNM leader, the houses of Mullah Bilal, Seth Pullan, Mubarak, Khudad Dad s/o Jangi and Abdul Samad were also raided. During this time, houses were vandalized and valuables were looted. Mullah Bilal’s sons Qayyum and Sabit were picked up and disappeared. Apart from Gomazai, similar operations are also underway in Mand Mahair from where Abdul Latif son of Wali Dad has been abducted and disappeared by the Pakistani army.

The central spokesperson of Baloch National Movement informed, “Today in Gomazai, the Pakistan Army raided the house of party vice chairman Ghulam Nabi Baloch and harassed women and children. This is not the first time that the house of Vice Chairman of BNM Ghulam Nabi Baloch has been raided, but the Pakistani army has attacked his house several times before.”

In the last three days, several people have been abducted and disappeared by the Pakistani army in Gomazai. They include those also who have previously been abducted and disappeared during military operations. Among them are Khuda Dad son of Jangi, Saghir son of Abdul Samad, Tariq son of Liaqat, Qayyum son of Mullah Bilal, Sabit son of Mullah Bilal, Shahbek son of Dad Karim, Majid son of Rashid, Ismail son of Hussain, Alam son of Salam, Abdul Latif son of Wali Dad, Baloch son of Wahid and Hammal s/o Wahid.

He added, “A genocide has been going on in Balochistan for the last two decades. The occupying Pakistani army is using various vicious tactics including disappearance, ‘kill and dump’ to crush the Balochistan independence movement. Many central leaders, including BNM’s founding leader Chairman Ghulam Muhammad Baloch and Secretary General Dr Manan Baloch, and many others have been abducted, disappeared and killed by Pakistan.”

Baloch National Movement spokesperson concluded, “Pakistan is trying to make the Baloch nation withdraw from the national movement with such barbarism. But the sacrifices of the Baloch sons of soil and the ongoing movement have proved that barbarism cannot take nations away from their struggle.”

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