The state has started trying new tactics to sabotage the issue of enforced disappearances. BNM

The central spokesman of the Baloch National Movement said that the Pakistani state and army had started employing new tactics against the Baloch. Pakistan has initiated an effort to declare party members as missing persons who sought asylum in Europe and the United States.

He stated, “Today, the Pakistani army raided the homes of BNM workers Samiullah Allah Bakhsh and Badal Baloch, in Ward 6 of Pasni and tortured the families, saying that their children’s names were enlisted in the list of the missing persons. And questioned them, why there were protests for their safe release?” The family then told the forces that their children had been forced to leave the country for years and living in exile. Despite this, military personnel searched mobile phones and homes and mentally tortured people.

The spokesman said that with this act of the Pakistan Army, we are concerned that Pakistan to throw dust in the eyes of the world, it is trying to portray Baloch refugees as missing persons and then add their names to the list of missing persons to tell the world that they have been moved to abroad. With such tactics, the Pakistani military is once again repeating its failed attempts which Pakistan used in past too by claiming that missing persons had gone to Afghanistan or taken up arms and moved to the mountains.

The spokesman of the Baloch National Movement said that due to the sit-in protest by the families of the Baloch missing persons following the statement and false assurance of the Pakistan army and prime minister, the incident in Pasni was an indication that the promises made to them would be deceived like the past and a new tactic is being used. The naked aggression of the Pakistani state has become apparent to the world, it cannot be compensated with more barbarism. The missing persons in the state’s torture cell will remain a deep stain on the Baloch national spirit until they are released.

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