Travel bans on Anwar Advocate, a BNM member is against the values of civilised world. Dr. Murad

Dr. Murad Baloch, Central Secretary General of the Baloch National Movement, said that the travel bans and allegations made by the Swiss authorities against Haji Anwar Advocate, a senior member of the BNM based in Switzerland, are against the values ​​of civilized societies. Haji Anwar Advocate is a veteran political leader who has been struggling in Baloch national politics since his student days. In this struggle, his son Zaheer Baloch was abducted by the Pakistani army and tortured to death in a torture cell and his mutilated body was dumped.

The spokesman said that in Balochistan, countless political activists, including Haji Anwar Advocate, moved to the West to spread the Baloch political voice to the civilized world, in order to avoid barbarism such as Pakistan’s policy of putting pressure on political leaders, its policy of kill and dump.

He said that by holding back the travel document of Haji Anwar Advocate by Swiss Immigration and declaring him a threat was a very unfortunate act as he was not involved in any activity other than the struggle for independence of Balochistan. As a result of this struggle, similar sanctions were imposed on us in our own land of Balochistan. If the same approach is adopted in the civilized countries of Europe, then the Baloch nation will be right to question that these countries are imposing sanctions on Baloch political leaders on the false and baseless allegations of Pakistan. While the Baloch nation expects civilized countries and nations to hold Pakistan accountable for the atrocities committed against the Baloch nation and the forcible occupation of Baloch land.

“We urge the Swiss authorities to review the case of Haji Anwar Advocate and grant him all the rights of a political asylum, including an internationally recognized residence and travel document,” the spokesman said.

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