Two of the seven detainees killed in the fake encounter were BNM members. BNM spokesman

The spokesman for the Baloch National Movement (BNM) said in a statement that the CTD had extrajudicially killed two BNM members along with five other detainees in a fake encounter this month. They were in army’s custody.

He said that BNM member Shaheed Saddam son of Ismail, resident of Panudi Dasht, Kech district, was forcibly disappeared from Malir district of Karachi on April 24, 2018 after being detained by Pakistani intelligence personnel. A social media campaign was also launched in this regard. Saddam was a laborer who worked in the Gulf countries. On his return from the Gulf, he was abducted and disappeared after a raid on a relative’s home in Karachi.

Meanwhile, Shaheed Abdul Ghani son of Liaqat, a resident of Surak area of ​​Kech District, Dasht Tehsil, was in the custody of Pakistani forces for the last four years. Shaheed Abdul Ghani was a laborer by profession. He was forcibly disappeared from Pasni Zero Point by Pakistani military personnel as he was returning to his village from Karachi. His mother was ill and he had taken his mother to Karachi for treatment. On his way back, he was forcibly disappeared after being extrajudicially detained.

The spokesman said there were strong evidence that all those killed in the fake CTD encounters were prisoners. Pakistani forces have committed serious human rights violations by killing detainees. Pakistan has to be held accountable for it.

The central spokesperson of the Baloch National Movement added in his statement that the latest increase in Pakistani barbarism in Balochistan is coming to the fore in the form of fake encounters. Since last year, the Pakistani military has intensified the murder of enforced disappeared persons in the name of the so-called Counter Terrorism Department (CTD). The simultaneous killing of five Baloch people in Quetta’s New Kahan and seven already detainees in Loralai is a link in the same chain.

He said that Ghani Baloch was arrested from Pasni Zero Point on October 20, 2017 and Saddam Baloch was arrested on April 24, 2018 by Pakistani forces and intelligence personnel from Malir area of ​​Karachi. Abdul Ahad was abducted by forces in January this year from his home in Parom area of ​​Panjgur and had gone missing. Jameel son of Muhammad Hassan was arrested by Pakistani agencies from Panjgur on March 19, 2021 while Sajid son of Mohammad Sadiq, resident of Washbod, Panjgur district, was forcibly disappeared by Pakistani intelligence agencies in 2018, killing him along with two other missing persons. The process of identifying other people is underway. Pakistan’s war crime is absolutely unacceptable and unforgivable.

The spokesman said that earlier Pakistan had refused to take responsibility for killing the forcibly disappeared but despite this Pakistan had failed to cover up its war crimes. After failing to cover up this barbarism, the Pakistani army is now killing the forcibly disappeared and accepting the killings in the name of CDT. But Pakistani institutions could not legally convict them in any court. Pakistan will one day stand in the court of history for these war crimes.

Those killed in Quetta and Harnai were on the list of enforced disappearances, he said. Taking them out of prisons and killing them is a horrible form of Pakistani barbarism. This is the ultimate news for those who are reluctant to reveal the names of their forcibly disappeared loved ones in the media due to military threats.

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