Baloch nation should boycott Pakistani elections- BNM’s wall chalking in Kech and Khuzdar

Khuzdar-Kech: Baloch National Movement did wall chalking in different parts of districts Khuzdar and Kech to boycott the local body elections under the occupier state of Pakistan.

After wall chalking by Baloch National Movement in Greshag sub-tehsil of Khuzdar, the Pakistani army had cordon off the area and removed the wall chalking. The army also threatened the people of the area.

Baloch National Movement is running a campaign against so-called local body elections in Balochistan. In this regard party has issued a pamphlet and did wall chalking in Kech last night in area of Tump and Gumazi. In those wall chalking people were asked to shun the so-called Pakistani local body elections, because participation in Pakistani elections would further strengthen the slavery of Baloch nation.

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