Cholera outbreak in Pir Koh due to lack of clean drinking water, local and international aid agenci

Shaal: Baloch National Movement Welfare Secretary Zafar Baloch while expressing concern over the situation in Pirkoh Dera Bugti said that cholera epidemic had broken out in Pir Koh due to shortage of water and the situation had turned critical. More than 13 people, ranging from 8-month-olds to 75-year-olds, had already lost their lives.

He appealed to the local and international aid agencies to take immediate steps to prevent livestock from diseases and resolve the water crisis at Pir-Koh district Dera Bugti, Naseerabad and Sonmiyani Windar Lasbela districts of Balochistan.

He said in his statement that hundreds of cattle had died due to lumpy skin disease in different District of Balochistan. Livestock is the main source of livelihood for more than 44% of the people in Balochistan. Damage to livestock had affected the economic cycle and had a profound effect on all sectors, including education, while malnutrition is affecting the health of children.

Zafar Baloch said that according to a list received by local journalists on Wednesday, 13 people had died due to drinking of unhealthy water in Pir-Koh. Their name are listed as Anwar son of Baghi age 2 years resident of Baghi Colony, Khadija son of Akbar Ali age 8 months resident of Mir Haji Colony, Farzana son of Nazir Ahmad age 2 years resident of Lal Muhammad Colony, Zafar Ali son of Sakhi Muhammad age 2 years resident of Mir Hussain Colony, Nooratun son of Chullo age 2 years resident of Baghi Colony, Sadia son of Bashir age 2 years resident of Bakhtiar Colony, Mirzadi son of Bashir age 1 year resident of Lal Muhammad Colony, Honar Bibi son of Amiran age 2 years resident of Bandarthal ,Sahoo Wife of Bari aged 75 years resident of Lal Mohammad Colony, Huzoor Bakhsh age 65 years resident of Bandarthal and Mohammad Bilal son of Razzaq age 2 years resident of Bhutto Colony.

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