We reject Pakistan High Commission and Canada police report on martyrdom of Karima Baloch. Dr. Murad

Dr. Murad Baloch, the Secretary-General of Baloch National Movement (BNM) has rejected the report issued by the Pakistan High Commission in Ottawa, on the martyrdom of Banuk Karima Baloch. He said that there is no need for Pakistan to contact the Government of Canada. He added that Pakistan had come to action to cover up its crime because the whole world knew that thousands of Baloch, including Banuk Karima Baloch, moved to civilized countries in order to escape the barbarism of Pakistan, and serve their nation. Now, how come Pakistan, the persecutor State, has engaged in correspondence with the Government of Canada, the protection giving state, to investigate the martyrdom of Karima Baloch?

He said that Karima Baloch was included in BBC’s list of 100 most influential women for her crucial role in the Balochistan’s independence struggle. After the publication of BBC’s this report, Pakistani officials ridiculed her stating that Karima Baloch’s name was included in negligence. Today, Pakistan’s unwarranted intervention and condolences on her martyrdom thousands of kilometers away from her relatives abroad are tantamount to sprinkling salt on our wounds. At the same time, portraying her as a Pakistani national is an insult to our national struggle and martyrs. No Baloch has ever renounced his or her Baloch national identity and accepted to be a Pakistani. Banuk Karima Baloch has been the chairperson of BSO Azad which was struggling for the independence of Balochistan and later she was a member of the pro-independence Baloch National Movement (BNM). For the Baloch people and for those who had been struggling against the barbarism of Pakistan, calling her as a Pakistani is nothing less than an insult.

Dr. Murad Baloch questioned why the Pakistan High Commission was declaring Karima Baloch as its citizen when in reality she remains in exile due to their atrocities and she received continuous threats from them in Canada too. At the same time, the Pakistani state also intervened in her asylum application and asked for her deportation to Pakistan. Pakistan should not forget that it has kidnapped, disappeared, and martyred many of Karima Baloch’s family members and political friends. Her two uncles and cousins have also been martyred. Her home was raided several times to whisk her away, similarly, her paternal home was shelled with mortars by Pakistani army.

Dr. Murad Baloch said, “We also reject the superficial investigation of the Canadian police. Pakistan is a rogue and terrorist state. This is clear from the video clip of General Parvez Musharraf which went viral, he proposed for the elimination of dissidents abroad. Chaudhry Nisar has also admitted that once he and Shahbaz Sharif have been forced by General Musharraf to target people abroad and their names will be kept in secret. Sajid Hussain Baloch and Karima Baloch were assassinated by the similar methods by the same rouge state. We, therefore, reject the Pakistani High Commission’s appeal for an inquiry from the Government of Canada as well as we reject their condolences too. We believe that with help from China, Pakistan has acquired sophisticated tools that leave no trace and evidence if someone is killed.”

He maintained that fake condolence from the killer would neither mitigate the grief and anger of the Baloch nation nor the Baloch would forget their killer. Banuk Karima Baloch has been not only been snatched from her family but also from the entire Baloch nation.

He appealed to the United Nations to ensure the protection of thousands of Baloch who have sought refuge in Europe, Canada, the United States, South Korea, Australia, Iran, and Afghanistan and other countries. A large number of Baloch refugees are staying in Afghanistan and Iran. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) should recognize the thousands of Baloch in Afghanistan and Iran as refugees and take steps to register their cases and ensure their protection. If the Baloch refugees are continuously ignored and left at the mercy of Pakistani atrocities, it would raise questions about the credibility and working of these institutions.

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