We thank all subjugated nations and organizations for speaking out against Karima’s assassination

In a statement, Baloch National Movement’s Secretary-General Dr. Murad Baloch thanked the Pashtuns, Sindhis, Bengalis and all the subjugated nations and nationalist and humanitarian organizations and said that they stood by the Baloch nation on the martyrdom of Banuk Karima Baloch proving that we share the same pain and suffering. The Pakistani State started its atrocities on the Baloch nation. It later expanded the horrific atrocities on the Bengalis in the 1970s. Now the atrocities have been expanded on all subjugated nations, including Sindhis and Pashtuns and they are being crushed by Pakistani oppression.

The protest against the martyrdom of Karima Baloch in Bangladesh and the expression of solidarity with the Baloch nation made it clear that the Bengali nation and its future generations will not forget the atrocities committed against them and will not forgive Pakistan for these crimes. Bengalis like us have a first-hand experience of Pakistani atrocities. That’s why we can become a natural ally.

He said, “The Mukti Jodha Manch, an organization of former Bangladeshi freedom fighters has shown solidarity by protesting against the atrocities inflicted on the Baloch nation”. Bengalis are feeling the pain of the Baloch nation inflicted by the same oppressive army which inflicted such atrocities on them in the 1970s. By holding Karima Baloch’s picture in Dhaka, they also commemorated their own martyrs of the independence struggle. Today, Bangladesh stands as an independent country on the world map. We expect their government to be our voice in international forums and play a role in stopping the atrocities and genocide happening on the Baloch people, like what India did for Bangladesh.

The BNM Secretary-General thanked Amin-ul-Islam Bulbul, president of the central committee of Mukti Jodha Mancha, former Justice Shamsuddin Chaudhry Manik of Bangladesh’s Supreme Applet Division, sculptor Rasha, Poet Sardar Farooq, Dhaka University Branch President Sonnet Mahmood, Dhaka Metropolitan North Branch President Milan Dhali, General Secretary Din Islam Bapi and other leaders and participants for their solidarity in a protest against the martyrdom of Karima Baloch by Pakistani agencies. They have proved that they have felt the pain of the Baloch nation in the pain of their war of independence. Just as the Bengali nation has neither forgiven nor forgotten the atrocities of Pakistan, so we cannot forget the atrocities of Pakistan and one day, we will get our freedom by standing against it.

Dr. Murad Baloch said that other subjugated nations have also given their full support to us, but unfortunately, they are being crushed by Pakistan like us. We are very grateful to them. Rather, we think they have fulfilled their duty. We understand each other’s pains and sufferings and depend on each other to ease those pains and sufferings. When we all come together and show our disgust with Pakistan and tell the world that extreme atrocities are being perpetrated on Baloch, Sindhi, and Pashtuns here, then surely the world will be forced to listen to our voice.

He appealed to the United Nations to play its role in bringing justice to the Baloch nation by coordinating with the Government of Canada in tracing the elements involved in the assassination of Karima Baloch. We rejected the initial report of the Canadian police, as they had disappointed the Baloch nation by categorizing the murder as non-criminal within hours. Other countries should also play their part through intelligence sharing. We expect the Government of Canada to uphold its values and expose the killers of Karima Baloch to the world. Otherwise, we would be deeply disappointed with Canada’s democracy, impartiality, and human values.

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