The young grandchildren of previously disappeared elder Mir Daray Khan went missing by Pakistan army

The central spokesperson of the Baloch National Movement condemned the continued targeting of children in Balochistan and said that Pakistan has turned the Baloch land into a Nazi camp where new experiments of oppression and barbarism are being carried out on the oppressed Baloch. In the new wave of barbarism, minors are constantly being targeted. On October 18, two minors, 10-

year-old Sanam Jameel daughter of Jameel Baloch and Gazzain Jameel son of Jameel Baloch, went missing after being detained by the Pakistan Army in Toba area of Gichk Tehsil of Washuk District.

The spokesman said that like the whole of Balochistan, the entire village, including the families of the forcibly disappeared children, has been under the barbarism of the Pakistani army since a long time. The grandfather of the children, Mir Daray Khan son of Muhammad Karim, has been detained by the Pakistani army forty days ago and has been forcibly disappeared. The women and children of the same family have already been subjected to severe torture in military torture cells for weeks.

He said that if we talk only about this family, then this whole village including this family has once again become a victim of forced migration. Their hometown is Solair, from where the army forced them to relocate to Toba Gichk a month ago, and in the past few days, the army has once again ordered relocation to a village called Kahn. This time the villagers have refused to obey the orders of the army. As a result, two minor children became the victim of enforced disappearances on the wake of this act of denial.

He said that Pakistani military atrocities are intensified and the process of targeting children has been intensified. In 2017, minors Aftab Baloch and Ulfat Baloch were abducted from Karachi and kept in torture cells for several months. This trend continued later on. Women and children are subject to inhumane treatment as a collective punishment.

The spokesman said that on October 10, two younger siblings, Allah Bakhsh and Sharratoon, were martyred in a mortar attack by the Pakistani army in Hoshaab, while a child, Miskaan, was critically injured and is still undergoing treatment at the hospital. His family members were forced to protest and came to Quetta with the bodies. They called off the protest on October 18 after an official ordered the perpetrators to be punished. Still the bodies of those two kids were not buried yet, Pakistan Army whisked away another two minors from Gichk Toba.

The central spokesperson said that 13-year-old Murad Ameer was sexually abused by the Pakistani army in the same year in Hoshaab. Another Minor Raamiz was killed in Buleda. The full support of the media, courts and other institutions has played an important role in supporting Pakistani atrocities in Balochistan. The increased targeting of Baloch children and women is seen as a new tactic in the counter-insurgency policy of the Pakistani military and intelligence agencies. Under this policy, the military and intelligence agencies illegally abducted Baloch pro-freedom leaders, political cadres and activists, sarmachaars, their relatives, supporters and Baloch children and women living in mountainous areas and forced them into military camps or secret locations. During disappearance, they are subjected to mental and physical torture. Several times, they have been sexually abused during disappearance.

The spokesman said that Pakistan was rapidly committing Nazi-style Baloch genocide but the fate of Pakistan would not be any different from that of Hitler and Nazism. The growing awareness of the Baloch people, full participation in the movement of all sections of the society and the sense of slavery have shaken the foundations of Pakistani occupation. In Pakistani barbarism, there are signs of its confusion and defeat.

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